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October 15, 2016
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Welcome to LuxShares
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Luxury Shares is here and it is changing the industry perspective! Generally speaking most revenue sharing systems are either "slow" or "fast". The term slow referring to programs that offer long term, slow growing ad packs that takes a generous amount of time to expire. There has been a certain trust earned with these types of revenue sharing models as they appear to be more stable,

The term fast rev share is referring to programs that offer short term, fast growing ad packs that expire within a few days. These types of rev shares are loved by members as they earn money fast, but they seem to not be as stable as a slower rev share.

Well for the first time ever we have created a unique system that offers the BEST of both worlds! Our system is geared so that members can earn at a fast rate in the beginning to grow their funds. Then transition into a slower, more sustainable mechanism to ensure EVERYONE will have continued success for the long run. It is simple, yet dynamic approach to provide our members with exactly the type of program they want. We hope you have a custom and unique experience here.

Will you be apart of team RABBIT and come out the gate running? Or will you be apart of team TURTLE and come out at a nice steady stroll? Either way will be a different experience, but both paths will end up at the same finish line of success! The choice is ultimately up to YOU!

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