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October 15, 2016
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Welcome To Lux Shares
The Rev Share With Options
Whether it's FAST or SLOW
LUX is the way to go!.

We are here to provide the user with a different feel then the typical revenue sharing system. We have made upgardes in two key ways, the speed, and the currency. Members are generally forced to choose a certain speed to which their money will grow and earn, as well many companies are at the mercery of unrealiable payment processors. We feel this is an outdated way of thinking and is in part the reason so many rev shares stall. Simply not enough flexibility and resources to sustain the company.




Here at Lux Shares YOU are in control. If you want to earn faster then you can. If you want to take the long term road outright, you can. We have learned from previous experience that fast revshares are amazing in the beginning but end up stalling, well we have made the proper adjustments so members won't experience this problem. We have fast growing ad pack options thats earn up to 40% daily, but they are limited and will then transition members over to a slow and stable earning pace once they have received an initial BOOM to their accounts! All the while members will be getting amazing leads from advertising. Speaking of advertising, we offer static banner ads, rotating banner ads, text ads, log-in ads, static ads, and contextual ads. With everyone here looking to grow and expand their brand, you are sure to find great leads here for the advertising dollars you spend. It's a win, win as we like to say.


To expand on an evolving concept, we have decided to only except cryptocurreny. Why is this you may ask? Two reason stand out. The first is that cryptocurrency is an ever growing, rapidly expanding industry. Bitcoin has taken the currecy world by storm and its worth is forecasted to be double if not triple in the next year or two. Well we look at this as an amazing opportunity for our members to ride the wave and earn TWICE over. The idea is to start with the rabbit packages to stock as many bitcoins as you can quickly. Then transition over to the turtle packages to slowly grow your coins at a nice steady pace overtime. All the while the Bitcoin itself is gaining value the entire time you are growing your Bitcoins through our revshare. It's a long term currency multiplier plan and will serve members greatly if the system is used correctly. Imagine starting with 1 Bitcoin and turning it into 2 to 3 within 2 weeks. Then into 5 to 6 over the next couple months. Then you save those 6 coins for 6 months to a year and their worth naturally increases to 10 to 11 Bitcoins. This natural maturation will occur even after you withdraw your coins out of Lux. This is an INSANE and AMAZING currency growth plan! LiteCoin, DodgeCoin, and Ethereum are also availabe and are also some of the top crytocurrencies on the market. They are growing as fast and faster then Bitcoin. Get in on this inovative idea today.


The second reason we use cyptocurrency is to protect ourselves and our members from payment processor holds and thefts. Paypal, Payeer, Payza, and so forth have been known to completely stop revshares by holding their revenue or placing huge reserves on accounts. This henders the growth of the revshare in the beginning and can easily cause a stall. There is no fear of this with cryptocurrency. All reserves we have is all the money we will pay out to our members. This will allow for alot more money to be shared and paid out. Also you have the ability to trade between cyptocurrencies. They grown naturally at different rates. This will allow you trandfer your money to whichever currency is currently gaining value faster. This is a veterain strategy that few know or use, but you will be able to take full advantage of it!



We hope you have a spectacular experience here at Lux Shares. We are looking to go above and beyond to make this a unique experience you will surely love! Lux also will feature a true outside source of income in the form of forex trading. We will allocate a portion of the reserves towards a Lux Members forex account. We will have professional traders multiplying the reserves in the background to ensure that we will be able to pay out on ad packs for years to come. We also have a cap reset feature set into place so everyone will be able to earn equally and fairly!


Join us today and learn to become a top advertiser in marketing, while at the same time placing your foothold on the expanding cryptocurrency industry. Lux has so many advantages it should be a no brainer to get in TODAY! We are built to LAST and we are here to STAY! Whether it's Fast or Slow, LUX is the way to GO!!!

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