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Earning Disclaimer
  • Luxury Shares will generate revenue from advertising, sale of digital products, and forex trading only. This revenue will be shared with all its members in accordance to their respective ad pack purchases. We encourage all members to kindly seek professional advice from an accountant or solicitor prior to purchasing any of our services. This will help to get more clarity on our terms and conditions. We would also like to emphasize that members are solely responsible for their own decisions while purchasing any of our products. We advise you to carefully and thoroughly read all our terms and conditions and also take advice from professionals. Please be advised that there are no guarantees on the earnings as many factors come into effect to determine the actual earnings of the members, as such NO GUARANTEES ARE MADE.


  • Refunds will be provided if and only if cash balance is funded but not used within the first 7 days of funding your account. If purchases of digital services are made, no refund will be given.
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