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Lux Shares is a revenue sharing system. We provide advertising to our members.

We allow members to fund accounts and buy ad packs with Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and Payeer only.

Yes, all information received by us is totally secure.

Yes, we are 100% legal. We are a revenue sharing company which means that we take in revenue and split it between our members. The revenue is obtained by providing a service for our members which is our ad packs. The service (advertising banners) is guaranteed with your purchase. Hower earning revenue on your ad packs is NOT GUARNATEED but is a BONUS and is dependant upon a consistent amount of new revenue coming in from ad packs being purchased.

No, you do not have to advertise to earn. However, advertising is how new people hear about any program. If no one advertises then it's no way anyone will hear about us to expand. So we recommend you advertise as much as possible, even if you don't get any referrals personally. 

No. Making multiple accounts is not allowed and anyone found with more then one account will be removed from our program. No refunds will be given nor earnings. 

There is no set time frame for members are to receive a payment. We will process payments in the order they are received with the funds that are available. 


Withdrawals are done in batches USA Eastern Stand time (Server is on IST time)

Withdrawals are completed at 3 separate times throughout the day:

6:30Am EST

1:00PM EST

5:00PM EST

All are done according to USA Eastern Standard time not Server time.

Refunds will be provided if and only if cash balance is funded but not used within the first 7 days of funding your account. If purchases of digital services are made, no refund will be given.
Yes. Referral commission is 5% on cash wallet purchases only. Referral commission will not be given on earnings or commission wallet adpack purchases.
Repurchase is as follows:

Repurchase for Rabbit team packs is 50%.

Repurchase for Turtle team packs is 25%.
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